About Weights


FAQ About tail weights

Why would I be interested in weights?

Do you have a horse that holds their tail out while performing or do you have a horse that constantly swishes their tail? Is having your horses tail "fixed" out of the question? Then tail weights might might be the answer! While some horses do not respond to the added weight, most horses will respond to weights by either putting it down flat against their butt or holding it still.

Why not just get a horse tail extension with more hair in it?

A thick tail is a lot of hair to care for and when you do not have a lot of time to spare, a thick tail can become too much to handle. If you have a horse with a thin tail, a thicker tail may not look natural in the horse's tail. With tail extension weights, you can use a smaller/thinner tail extension and add weights to get to the desired weight. The tail pouches are ideal for performance horses which do not need a tail extension, but could benefit from tail weights.

How much weight can I add to my tail?

We do NOT recommend putting any more than 2 pounds of weights on each extension. Each extension is equipped to handle two pounds of weight and no more. If you do put more than two pounds of weight in the extension, we cannot guarantee the tail will handle the weight and attachments may break. It is unlikely that the top will come apart but since each tail is made to meet breed associations "hair on hair" standards, the attachment can only support so much weight. Please keep in mind that when your horse is moving, there will be more stress put on the tail so just because your tail can hold up with the extra weight while standing, it may not be able to once the horse starts to move.

Tail weight pouches come in one pound, two pound, and three pound increments and each one can be broken down in half pound increments.

I have already purchased a tail from you, can I just order the weights to attach to the tail?

Yes and No. If you have a tail that is equipped for weights, you will be able to purchase the weights and attach them to your tail. If you are unsure if your tail is setup for weights, take a close look at the center of the tail head (between the attachments) and see if there is a small hole. If there is a screw or a small hole to put the screw in the tail, your tail is setup for weights. If you have a tail not set up for weights, you can use a weighted tail pouch with your current tail extension without having to make any changes to your current extension.

Can I send the tail back that I already purchased from you to have it equipped for weights?

Yes. It will be $35 including shipping back to you and not including weights to convert a tail that is not currently setup for weights. I can also convert most tails that are not made by myself to weighted tails, however please send me pictures of your current tails top to confirm that it can be set up.

How do I order a weighted tail extension?

You will first want to order a standard tail in the color, length and weight you need. Then hit add to cart for that tail. In the pop up page, select “Yes” under “Setup for weights”. After ordering the tail, add the tail weights to the cart. You should be able to see both the tail you ordered and the amount of weights you ordered. Then finish the purchase and your tail will be started right away!

Can I purchase one set of weights and use them in two separate tails?

Yes! As long as both tails were purchased from me and the tail was set up for weights, then the weights can be used in ANY tail!

If you have any other questions that were not answered on this webpage, please contact me!