Frequently Asked Questions



Here are some of the most commonly asked questions. If you have questions that are not answered please feel free to contact me!

How do I know which color to buy?

When deciding which color to purchase, it is best to look at the hair that is right at the bottom of the tail bone since this is where the extension will attach. To do this pull away the top part of the hair and look at the very center of your horses tail. If your horse has more than one color in his tail, you will want to match both colors. This can be done one of three ways. First you can match the color that is the strongest in the tail. For example, if you horse has a mostly white tail and a small sorrel stripe down the front, you will want to match the white. Second, you can do a multiple piece tail and matches all the colors. For example, if your horse has white on the back of his tail and sorrel in the front, you can buy one piece of sorrel and attach it to the sorrel part of the tail and one piece of white and attach it to the white. Lastly, if you prefer a single piece tail or are unsure of what color you should get please go to my quote page and fill out the form and send pictures! I am more than willing to help you select the right color!

Can I email you a picture of my horse for a recommendation on color?

Yes, Yes, Yes!!! I would be more than willing to take a look at any pictures you may have of your horse! Please fill out the form on the quote page and then email any pictures you may have along with your contact information and I will respond as quickly as possible. If you are going to take pictures specifically to send me, there are a few ways to take good pictures that will help me. First make sure that your horse is in natural daylight. This allows for the best light and that means a more accurate picture! Then you will want a picture with your horses tail hanging naturally, one of his tail fanned out and a picture from both sides.

I want/need to send you a hair sample, how much hair do I need to send?

You will need to send me about half a pencil widths amount of hair. If you pull them away from the tail and feel they are not an accurate representation of your horses tail, then you may need to send more. If your horse has more than one color, make sure you send all the colors that are present. Don't forget to send pictures too!

What weight do you recommend?

Weight is a matter of personal preference, If you are unsure, a little less is better than too much. You can also send a picture of your horse and I can help you if you really don't feel comfortable making that choice. As a rule of thumb, jumping horses usually do not want to go any heavier than a pound but a western pleasure horse may look best with a full 2 pounds. This choice is all yours!

Should I use a natural taper or a blunt cut?

This is much like the weight debate, the choice is all personal preference. As a general rule of thumb, young horses and halter horses will look best with a natural taper, while blunt cut looks better on older, more mature horses and pleasure horses.

What shampoo and conditioner should I use to wash my tail?

All horse tail extensions are 100% horse hair and should be treated as such. Any quality hair care product should work.

How do I keep my extension from looking obvious at shows?

There are several things you need to keep in mind to make your tail look the most natural. First you need to make sure that your tail matches your horses natural tail in color and weight. If your horse tail is very thick at top and you put a thin tail extension in, then it will look more obvious than if you choose a weight that is similar to the top portion of the tail. Putting the tail in properly makes a drastic difference in the natural look of the tail. If you put the tail in loosely, then the tail will swing separately from the rest of the horses tail. If your horses tail frequently gets stuck in between his legs, you will want to first try spraying static guard on the inside of the horses legs and in the tail. If this does not work, then you will want to try a thinner tail. It is likely you have too much weight for your horse. A dirty tail can also cause an unnatural appearance and is bad for your tail, so make sure you keep your horses tail clean whenever possible!

My horse carries his tail out. Will a tail help him hold it down?

It is likely that a tail extension will help your horse carry his tail down. While this doesn't work for all horses, it does work to some extent for most. A majority of horses will respond to the extension by lowering his tail and packing it a little tighter to the body. You may also want to try a weighted tail. For more information please visit the Weighted Tails page.

I got my tail and there are some tail hairs coming out. Is it defective?

All tails are brand new. That means they were made just for you! Due to the fact the tail is new, yes some tail hairs will be loose. Not every tail hair is the same length so when the tails are made, it is likely that some hairs were missed in the gluing. Your tail will show some minor shedding throughout its life, but don't be alarmed. Just like your horses natural tail, your tail extension will experience some tail hair breakage and the hair will then fall out.

Why does it take so long to get a tail?

This is because I am a small business and all tails are custom made AFTER I receive your order. I do not keep ready made tails and that in turn helps to keep my costs down which I pass on to you! If you need a tail fast, please contact me. I may have one or two ready made tails available that I can send. While this doesn't happen often it is likely I will have the more common colors such as black and sorrel available and ready to go.