Care Instructions


Tail Care Instructions

Your new tail is 100% horse hair and should be treated as real hair.

• Every time you use your tail extension, wash and dry it for maximum fullness.

• After each use, wash your tail with a quality shampoo. Follow up with a good quality conditioner and don't use sparingly. Rinse Well!

• You can dry with a hair dryer, or air dry.

• Apply a non-silicone hair detangler to make brush-outs easier, and to prevent tangles.

• Avoid completely submersing your tail extension in water, and/or soaking it in water for long periods of time. Moisture can get trapped up in the head of the tail extension, where the tail hairs are bound together. Since air can't reach this area, moisture can cause the tail hairs to rot, leading to tail hair loss. It can also cause the glue bounding it together to deteriorate (Yes, even though the glue is waterproof). For best results try to keep the top dry while washing it.

• When not in use, it should be stored in a tail bag slightly longer than the tail extension to prevent the ends from curling.

If you have a white or light colored extension:

•To keep your tail from yellowing, fill a small bucket with warm water and put about a table spoon full of Mrs. Stewart's Bluing (can be found at most grocery stores). Dip the tail in the water for about 30 seconds to one minute. Do not leave in the water for a long period of time. Remove the tail and then immedately wash with a whitening shampoo. Do not let the whitening shampoo sit too long on the extension or it will turn the extension purple. Condition really well. If your tail is extremely dirty, wash with a regular shampoo first to remove most of the dirt. These steps will also work well on your horse's real tail, but be careful to not let the bluing sit on the tailbone. You do not need to do this every wash, but about once a month is great. You can do this every wash if you prefer.

•Due to the finer natural of the lighter colored tails, it may take longer to dry and hair will be fragile while wet. Do not brush until fully dry.

If you have a jet black extension:

•During the first few washes, it is likely you will see dye coming out of the tail. This is normal and will decrease with time.